The Tuatha De Danaan, Stonehenge, Atlantis and the Ancient Secret Wisdom

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stonehenge03_550x301Stonehenge is a megalithic monument in Great Britain. It has been researched by many scientists, researchers, archaeologists. The range of different theories about this ancient site is wide. In this new short post, we will explain one of the theories which is most unknown, and which matches several myths and legends from a mysterious red haired and tall race, and their relation to the disappeared land of Atlantis.

Stonehenge was made by those who were known as the megalith builders, those who preceded the Celtic immigration into that region, who even preceded the Celtic druids. The druids became the inheritors of the race that went before them and they were taught to use Stonehenge, which is a space portal, a time-space wormhole when properly used and aligned.

The megalith builders themselves were descendants of the race known as the Atlanteans and that area as well as many other areas in Ireland, Britain and Europe, and in the Mediterranean. In Egypt for example were colonies of the Atlanteans who themselves were the race who had arcane information and knowledge.


There was an unknown scientific activity as well to help assemble the stones of Stonehenge to raise the lentl cap stones to put the uprights upright. This technology of course was subsonic and sound, and that was used as well in the construction of the pyramids.

The structure of Stonehenge is much older than the authorities wish you to accept. Those estimations of approximately 8.000 to 9,000 years are closer to the truth of when they were built other than only a few thousand years ago.


This was still a time after the collapse of Atlantis and the race who created Stonehenge were also the race in Ireland known as the Tuatha de Danaan and these are, as some say, the same race of several mummies that were found in Xiaoche, China, who also built the mounds in North America, especially the mounds on the eastern coast the United States of America. So, this race should be found all around the world.

This race were the people who went before the ones that are now known as the megalith builders, a mysterious group that is little known about. They were known to the ancient Irish Celts as the Tuatha de Danaan, they were the red-haired, blue-eyed individuals the native Americans speak of, and are spoken of around the world in their connection to the ancient times, to the Atlanteans and Atlantis itself.


The King Arthur legends, with Merlin, the Round Table, Camelot, the Grail (the stone fallen form the sky) and Excalibur could possibly be old stories taken from myth going as far as the Tuatha De Danaan race. J. R. R. Tolkien, the South African writer and philologist took these legends and the Scandinavian myth, and created the world of Middle Earth and its different characters, who some of them are very similar to the Tuatha De Danaan.

The Tuatha de Danaan still had the knowledge and technology of their forefathers and used this technology to create Stonehenge. This technology could be related to some sort of magic known by them, which could be related as the same science and knowledge as the one discovered by XXth Century Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla, regarding

857779_482870545107065_1870228644_ocold electricity, implosive energy, longitudinal waves and scalar energy. Also, the new scientific and archaeological theories point that some great ancient megalithic monuments around the world, such as the Great Pyramid in Giza could possibly be power generators machine, with the target to align the Solstices and Equinoxes with the Sun, to know the Precession, and also to create energy and to generate dimensional portals to other worlds. Water would be the element which these power plant monuments would work. This matches with the recent new discovery in Stonehenge, some months ago, in which the archaeologists have found some circled canals surrounding the site, and some other as well found just some meters nearby.

There were other sites also that were used that have been lost, but Stonehenge is a site which is still available. There will be other sites found: some under sea. There are sites as well in Peru, where the Tuatha de Danaan also played a part.


There are ancient sites all around the planet, some under sea, some underground, some on the surface, but all remnants have been removed or destroyed, but nonetheless new evidence will be found, new understanding, information brought forward. This new evidence will play a role again, as they are destined to return from the state of consciousness where they reside to help the forward progress of the planet, as it moves into its new level of consciousness, and assumes its new rightful place.

Red-Haired Xiaoche mummies found in China

Red-Haired Xiaoche mummies found in China

Stonehenge will be rediscovered as a worm hole, a star gate of great significance, and even though it is not full and intact, it is still highly likely it will in time. Incidentally on the west coast of Ireland there’s a place called the Burren. It is a desolate barren place of terrible beauty. Old folk lore have many stories of a Giant Tsunami. They say it was over 12.000 years ago, it fits at the time of the fall of Atlantis, and it fits in well with the story.

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    No cabe duda Stonehenge constituye, hoy día el monumento megalítico más misterioso que existe. Tal vez sus constructores tenían algún vínculo con los que construyeron el complejo megalítico de El Romeral (Antequera) El Romeral es un gran dolmen en corredor con dos cámaras circulares cubiertas con falsa cúpula.

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