Willem Witteveen – The Great Pyramid of Giza as a monument of creation

Dear Readers, 

980453_183785828451331_472705522_oWillem Witteveen is a Dutch retired ship’s pilot in the port of Rotterdam, and a researcher and author. He studied navigational sciences on the Nautical College of Amsterdam and is qualified to act as a Master on all ships worldwide. Because of his profession he visited many countries and had the opportunity to visit several ancient sites all over the world. Being very interested in Ancient Egypt since long, he felt very mistrustful about the stories told by the local guides and Egyptologists. They made no sense to him. He always was convinced that there was a connection between the Earth and the nearby Solar System through the Great Pyramid of Giza, encoded through the four elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire. He spent the last fifteen years doing research into the true function of the Great Pyramid of Giza. He has written the book The Secret of the Golden Frequency of Giza. As he says: It is time to change history.

Willem Witteveen is one of this researchers that surprises us in a positive way. It makes one think that sometimes great discoveries are done by people who don’t dedicate themselves to the specific discipline which are developing at first. In other words, his job wasn’t as an archaeologist. But sometimes life itself surprises us in a very subtle way, and most of the times the conclusions and theories drawn by them are even more logical than the official academic ones, as it happens in this case.

Image a. A new vision

Aether as a carrier of all information in the Universe is an idea which the great Alchemists from the Middle Ages told us in their encrypted books, and that they had also taken it from the ancient Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trimegistus (supposedly written by the Egyptian god Thoth).  In addition, Nikola Tesla’s discoveries about scalar energy and scalar longitudinal waves, and Wilhelm Reich’s bions and orgone as the invisible energy which creates and brings life to reality, makes us think that the Ancients were not mistaken at all, as it can be made a perfect and symmetrical analogy to what these almost forgotten scientists -for more than 40 years- discovered in the first half of the XXth Century. To quote it simple, as Fulcanelli translated it once from The Emerald Tablet, and making a direct relationship to Aether:

This is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth
As below, so above; and as above so below
With this knowledge alone you may work miracles
And since all things exist in and emanate from the ONE Who is the ultimate Cause
so all things are born after their kind from this ONE

Image 1. Circle of creationThe four elements Earth, Water, Air and Fire are decoded in the Great Pyramid of Giza. Each of the elements represents a part of our creation in which the divine is represented by the overarching fifth element Aether. Aether as a carrier of all information; as well on Earth as beyond Earth’s boundaries. In the so-called ‘circle of creation’ (image 1) all processes take place and the Great Pyramid of Giza plays a leading role in this. This monument applies as the most complete library of our knowledge and is therefore the most important inheritance we have ever been given as humanity. Knowledge from the past as guidance for the present and the future. Consider yourself a pilgrim and let the buzzard guide you. The buzzard as a totem animal stands for death and resurrection, but more important for the emergence of a new vision, based on logic and intuition. Have a pleasant journey.

The element Earth

The ancient Egyptians called their land ‘Kemet’, so called after the black, fertile mud left on the banks of the Nile after the annual flooding’s which made it possible to farm and live of the land. The oldest part of Kemet dates from the period before the coming of the ancient Egyptians and was also called ‘Bu-Wizzer’ in indigenous traditions, which mean land of Osiris. This land of Osiris was mainly formed through a belt or collection of pyramid-complexes and temples over a distance of about eighty kilometer along the western banks of the Nile. This belt runs from Meidum in the South downstream through the Giza plateau to Abu Roash, several kilometers north of Giza. These complexes, dating from the same period, have a special connection with each other concerning location; construction, function and the same applied high technology. As far as we can ascertain most pyramid-complexes are physically connected through an underground network of tunnels. Evidence of these tunnels is abound but is withheld from us by the Egyptian authorities. The existing entrances to these tunnel-systems are mostly covered by concrete shields as can be clearly seen in Saqqara, a few kilometers south of Giza. Not a grave for Pharaoh Khufu but some kind of advanced process technology from an early age in human civilization. A period in history, which began at the end of the last main ice age approximately 10,500 years B.C. or 7350 years before the beginning of the Early-Dynastic period. The land behind the illusions, crowded by a sophisticated civilization with an important message for present generations. An inheritance, which was previous, left for the ancient Egyptians and is now meant for us. Ancient Egyptian culture forms an important part in this inheritance.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is part of the Giza pyramid-complex situated on the edge of modern Cairo. The Giza plateau known by us from the Sphinx and the three large pyramids: the pyramid of Khufu, Kha-F-Ra (successor of Khufu) and Men-Kau-Ra (successor of Kha-F-Ra and son of Khufu). All pharaohs from the fourth dynasty, a time period from 2613 until 2498 B.C. This dynasty marks the beginning of the ‘Old Empire’.

Image 2. The large solid mass

The Giza plateau is a higher situated massive rock plateau and therefore inextricably connected with the structures on it (image 2). Because of this the contact with the Earth is optimal and further on it will show that this is very important considering the final function of the whole complex. Therefore we can state that the structures on the plateau are a part of the ‘great massive’ that is the Earth. Not hindered or disturbed by intermediate ground layers or different stone layers but a pure continuation of the Earth in stone. Every vibration in the Earth and the rock plateau of Giza is unabated passed on to the Great Pyramid. Functioning as one and that is exactly what it is meant to do.

In total there are eleven pyramids on the plateau: three large ones and eight smaller satellite pyramids, the Sphinx and some temples. The whole Giza plateau measures about 250,000 m².

The Great Pyramid occupies a special place in this because of its special interior and exterior which is different form the other pyramids. For our modern society the Great Pyramid stands for ‘the Hall of records’, a place long searched for and where all knowledge of ancient civilizations is supposed to be hidden in. This knowledge however is not hidden but is gathered in the special design of the Great Pyramid itself, a knowledge centre instead of a grave complex. Many researchers have searched for years for the hidden knowledge without even considering that the Great Pyramid itself is the biggest treasure of all times. No gold or valuable objects but an enormous library of knowledge and technology, intended for current generations. Technology without using current destructive explosion technology causing damage to our planet, but a technology using special properties of our Earth. You can call it frontier science or pseudo science but please come out of the chocking, limited ‘box’ in which all seems to be scientifically proven. Knowledge, however, is no synonym for truth. Embark on a quest and let the stones speak for themselves. Communicate only by means of the oldest and most important language there is, the universal language of numbers and logic. Numbers laid down in the blueprint of creation. The Greek mathematician Pythagoras (572-500 B.C.) already said: “All is number”.

The three pyramids on the plateau are a direct projection on the Earth of the so-called inner planets Earth, Venus and Mercury (image 3). The positioning and size of the three pyramids in relation to each other correspond to the size of these planets and the mutual position at a certain period in time.

Image 3. The astrological era of the Lion

The Sphinx as an eastward-headed lion shows us in what bandwidth of time we should look for. This bandwidth matches with the astrological era of the lion, which began about 12,000 years ago, and covers a period of 2160 years. We currently find ourselves in the transition of the era of Pisces to the era of Aquarius (‘Age of Aquarius’). The exact position of the three pyramids in relation to the three inner planets give us the year 10,472 B.C. as reference year of the whole Giza complex. A complex with a constructing period of at least 300 years instead of a period of twenty years the Egyptologists give us.

The Great Pyramid of Giza contains several different mathematical and astronomical units that have been discovered by modern civilizations much later. For instance: the circumference of the base in inches is equal to the distances of the tops of the three pyramids and corresponds to our solar year of 365.242 days. We only had to move the point to see it. The sum of the basic diagonals of the base, measured in inches, is equal to the precession (‘fluctuation’) of the Earth’s axis within a period of 25,920 year. This is known as the Great Galactic Year. The exact latitude of the Great Pyramid displayed in decimal notation is a measurement for the exact speed of light in meters per second. The latitude of 29.9792458 ° north equals the speed of light of 299,792,458 meters per second. Meters and seconds were not known at that time according to our modern science. The most important mathematical constants pi (π) and phi Φ (Golden Section) is decoded in the measurements of the monument. Both externally and internally through the visible outside dimensions and dimensions of passages and chambers. There are many examples that absolutely no longer can be designated as coincidence. Like many ancient stone circles, which are often based on lunar cycles, indicates the Great Pyramid us by means of ‘squaring the circle’ in mathematics at the importance of our Moon as guardian of creation and therefore responsible for life on Earth. The Sun, the Earth and the Moon as trinity united by the same numbers and frequencies. “Everything is music in the harmony of the spheres” (Pythagoras).

The element Water

The Sphinx is not a mythical creature from Egyptian mythology and no ‘half man/half lion’, but a lying, guardian lion who was worshiped. At the time of the life-giving floods of the Nile, the Sun and the constellation of Leo came both above the horizon in the east, and therefore the Sphinx was called the ‘Guardian of the Sun’. In the northern hemisphere the constellation Leo can be seen in the spring, the season that the rainy season starts in eastern Africa. This tropical monsoon climate in central and eastern Africa with its heavy rains is the most important water supplier of the Nile and this resulted in flooding in Egypt.

The Lion of Giza on the banks of the Nile welcomes the arrival of Hapi, the Egyptian god of the floods. The coming of the water is a fact and therefore the further process is put into action.

Image 4. The Sphinx Moat filled with water from the Nile

Through the flooded Nile at the height of Giza ‘pure’ water was admitted to the Sphinx Temple and the so-called Sphinx Moat in which the Sphinx as a guardian of the plateau is placed (image 4). Besides clean, the water had to be pure. Pure water with a pure vibrational frequency cooks more quickly. The water had a completely natural way, without interference from outside, to find its way into the Sphinx Temple where it, through so called organic movements in the temple itself, was further purified before being admitted to the Sphinx Moat through an ingenious lock system. Intact water molecules with the appropriate pure energy as a raw material for the most natural and special ‘House of Energy’ ever built.

Image 5. Heron’s fountain

Through wells on the sides of the body of the Sphinx, the water was further admitted to the underground reservoirs and tunnels, which are, located underneath the Giza plateau. Directly underneath the Sphinx is a water reservoir that forms an important part of the so-called Heron’s principle. This means that the water in a natural manner can be put under pressure, and can thus be driven up in the direction of the Great Pyramid. This is also known as ‘Heron’s fountain’ and is used to pump up water to a higher level in a natural way (image 5).

Because the various pyramid complexes along the Nile were connected by an underground tunnel system it was quite easy to carry the water to the lower pyramids like the Great Pyramid of Giza. The Giza Plateau itself never flooded due to the high altitude, but it is known that the water of the river Nile, during the floods came to the front paws of the Sphinx (Herodotus 435 B.C.) through the appropriate location of the Sphinx Temple. The water of life from the Nile, equal to the power of the Sun, manifesting through the Sun god ‘Ra’ or ‘Re’ and destined for the complex of Giza. The pure water was used as raw material for the Great Pyramid. Through the subterranean chamber the water came into the Great Pyramid and through the pressure the excess water was led back through the descending passage to the outside of the pyramid. A special valve in the form of a hinged prism stone (image 6) and the completely closed pyramid ensured that a vacuum could emerge above the water surface remaining in the Great Pyramid after closing the water supply.

Image 6. The prism stone as water seal

The strong vacuum above the water surface ensured that the water was boiling without the addition of heat, and in this way, the completely closed pyramid was further filled up with the resulting water vapour. The various vertical shafts and wells on the platform support this theory and the attachment points of the prism stone in the descending passage are still visible. The water that is allowed in the Great Pyramid is pure water. The formation of water vapour occurs in a natural manner without the use of heat. The next stage in the process is the commitment of the element of Water with the element of Air through sound. The influence of acoustic resonance and vibration in water molecules is very special and this property plays an important role in the process technology of the Great Pyramid. Implosion technology instead of explosion technology.

The element Air

Sound is defined as a vibration of the element of Air or a small change in air pressure, which is propagated through the medium of air. The number of vibrations or changes in air pressure, per unit of time is expressed in hertz (Hz) and audible to the human ear from 20 to 20,000 hertz. This means that we can hear sounds between 20 and 20,000 hertz. Sound below 20 hertz is called infrasound or low frequency sound and is not heard. This noise, however, can be felt. Acoustics is the science that deals with the study of sound and also shows the influence that a given space has on the sound and reverberation of sound.

Researchers and visitors of the Grand Gallery and the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid experienced a very special acoustics and this is mainly due to the reverberation that occurs due to the resonance of the sound waves. And that’s no coincidence. That is deliberately.

The resonance of the sound waves in, for example the King’s Chamber is strongly dependent on the size of this chamber and these dimensions are deliberately chosen. Like everything is consciously chosen in the construction of the internal and external pyramid.

The German professor of physics, Winfried Otto Schumann (1888-1974), discovered in 1952 that in the atmosphere there are resonating electromagnetic waves to be measured with a frequency value of around 8 hertz. This is called the Schumann resonance frequency and is a natural phenomenon that occurs when for example electricity discharges in the atmosphere. This creates a low-frequency resonance effect, which pulsates with a measured dominant frequency of 7.83 hertz between the surface of the Earth and the ionosphere at an altitude of about 80 km. This is called the resonant frequency of the Earth whose predominant standing wave is 7.83 hertz. This is also called the heartbeat of Mother Earth or the voice of the Earth. The value of the Schumann frequency depends on the position on Earth (the Earth is a flattened sphere) and thus can be calculated that the Schumann frequency for the position of Giza is 8.1 hertz. This is important because the King’s Chamber was built for a resonance frequency of 16.2 hertz (2 x 8.1 hertz). In and around a pyramid in general the frequency is around 8 Hertz, measurable with very sensitive equipment.

The Serbian-American physicist Nikola Tesla discovered in 1900 that the resonance frequency of the Earth is around 8 hertz but his invention was not taken very seriously in his time.

He used the resonance frequency of the Earth’s atmosphere because at this frequency it functions as a very good conductor for radio signals. From this period also date the experiments with the ‘Wardenclyffe Tower’, which unfortunately was never completed. A pyramid is comparable to the Wardenclyffe Tower. They are both used as an antenna for the Schumann frequency.

The Great Pyramid resonated because of its structure, dimensions and location at the time of construction on a Schumann frequency of 8.1 hertz. The keynote of Mother Earth.

This frequency was ‘captured’ by the Great Pyramid, and that is only possible by choosing the right location on the plateau. The correct connection of Earth, Water and Air. Mother Earth acts as a tuning fork of the universe and the Great Pyramid was tuned to that frequency.

To ‘capture’ and stabilize the Earth frequency, the grand gallery in the Great Pyramid was equipped with pure quartz disks, permanently mounted by means of a special construction.

When the quartz crystal in the grand gallery was brought in vibration and held, by means of the fundamental frequency of the Earth, there was a sound wave with a very constant and stable frequency. Exclusively caused by the quartz crystal and almost not affected by environmental factors. This sound wave, in physics known as a traveling wave, was amplified in the ante-chamber and passed to the King’s Chamber to form a standing wave, exactly fitting in this space and caused by resonance in the King’s Chamber.

The amplified sound wave that reaches the King’s Chamber is composed of the fundamental frequency or keynote of 8.1 hertz as the first harmonic. The first overtone or second harmonic, which is an integer multiple of the fundamental frequency, is then 16.2 hertz.

Image 7. The King’s Chamber

And it is this frequency of 16.2 hertz that, by the dimensions of the King’s Chamber, exactly ‘fits’ and ensures that resonance occurs and a standing wave will form. The other harmonics of 8.1 hertz do not fit in this chamber and will fade away. A standing wave can only occur if there is resonance and resonance can only occur if the wavelength of the sound fits into the confined space as in this case the King’s Chamber. The frequency of 16.2 hertz given by the formula f = v/λ where v is the speed of sound and the overall wavelength λ equal to 2 times the length of the confined King’s Chamber (image 7). In image 7, the total wavelength AC equals exactly 21 meters.

Image 8. Granite from Aswan fitted with quartz

Because the resonant frequency of the quartz crystal in the used Aswan granite is very constant, it could tune the entire grand gallery and King’s Chamber. The grand gallery and the King’s Chamber consist entirely of Aswan granite that contains a lot of quartz (image 8). The quartz is the ‘carrier’ of the frequency. Just like the crystal receiver in the first radios.

The resonant frequency is the frequency at which the quartz crystal is to vibrate or resonate and thereby the whole King’s Chamber is set to resonate. The King’s Chamber with the so called relieving chambers above is purpose-built and is called the resonance tower with a total height of 21 meters (the total wavelength). The sarcophagus placed in the King’s Chamber is like a tuning fork that was used to check whether the whole construction resonated at the right frequency. The elements Earth, Water and Air are thus linked.

The element Fire

Dr. Andrija K. Puharich, born in 1918 in Chicago, was a physician, inventor and parapsychologist and has many patents of inventions in the medical field to his name. Andrija Puharich had great admiration for the Serbian scientist Dr. Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) for his research on low frequency electromagnetic (ELF) waves in the early 20th century.

An important invention of Puharich, in 1983, was the splitting of water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen by means of powerful resonance resulting in an environmentally friendly fuel made ​​of water. A critical resonance in water molecules, induced by strong alternating current impulses, which only strengthened itself, like soldiers marching over a bridge.

Image 9. Water (blue), water vapor (yellow) and hydrogen and oxygen (red)

The “breaking” of water through powerful resonance is to this day not accepted by current science as a method for the production of hydrogen, but this is exactly what took place in the resonance chamber of the Great Pyramid. It is here applied for the cleanest possible way to produce a very valuable fuel from the pure raw water. The water molecules are ‘broken’ and the chambers and passages located above the grotto (water seal or valve) in the well shaft of the Great Pyramid are filled with the hydrogen gas and oxygen gas mixture (image 9).

In the resonance chamber (King’s Chamber) of the Great Pyramid, which is completely filled with water vapour, the water will decompose by resonance instead of electricity, but finds the same reaction as for the electrolysis of water: 2H2O → 2H2 + O2 (hydrogen and oxygen from water).

Image 10. The electrodes in the shafts of the Queens Chamber

In a fuel cell a reverse reaction takes place and therefore we call it reverse electrolysis. In this case hydrogen and oxygen are guided to a cathode and an anode that are separated to each other by a membrane, and there an electric current starts to flow from the anode to the cathode. Chemical energy is converted into electrical energy using heat, and water is released. The water is thereby the waste or residue. This reaction takes place in the two shafts of the reaction chamber or Queen’s Chamber. The two electrodes (cathode and anode) are still present in the shafts (image 10).

An important application of the fuel cell is the oxyhydrogen cell in which oxygen and hydrogen react with each other directly without membrane. This application without membrane takes place in the reaction shafts of the reaction chamber (Queen’s Chamber) and the two shafts act as oxy hydrogen cells.

The gas flow of hydrogen and oxygen is led along both electrodes with the conductive connecting liquid (electrolyte) water vapour, which contains dissolved sodium chloride or table salt NaCl.

An electrolyte is the conductive medium that forms the connection between the two electrodes (anode and cathode), and in this case it is sodium chloride NaCl dissolved in water (vapour), which is a very strong electrolyte. Salt (NaCl) is very well soluble, and that portion which has been dissolved in water is completely split into ions so that the solution can be electrically conductive.

Electrolyte solutions can be formed as a salt (for example, NaCl) and is placed in a solvent such as water. The first researchers found a 1.27-inch thick salt layer on the walls of the Queen’s Chamber. Nowhere else in the Great Pyramid was salt found and they could not suspect what the salt was used for.

The builders of the Great Pyramid show us how hydrogen can be produced without the use of electricity and in this way give us the opportunity to let go present destructive explosion technology. Clean energy from the resonant frequency of our own Earth. As discovered and implemented by Nikola Tesla and Andrija Puharich. A legacy that is more precious than all the gold on Earth, but there will be a high price to be paid. Unfortunately, several researchers have experienced this at first hand. For both the researchers and economies there is currently too much at stake.

“Resonance splitting water molecules and produces energy from water – the most advanced technology through clean, pure and subtle energy”.

What reveals the presence of hydrogen in the King’s-or resonance chamber?

A modern radar installation transmits electromagnetic radiation and receives the radiation reflected back by objects via an antenna. This electromagnetic radiation is guided from the radar installation to and from the antenna via a so-called waveguide. Such a waveguide is suited for the rapid transit of electromagnetic radiation of a specific wavelength. With a radar installation on board ships the electromagnetic radiation has a wavelength of 3 and 10 centimeters and that means that the waveguide is adjusted by means of its dimensions. For 3 centimeters radiation the rectangular aspect ratio of the waveguide is 3 by 1.5 centimetre and the waveguide for 10-centimetre radiation is 10 by 5 centimetre.

The first waveguide was theoretically developed in 1893 by the British physicist J.J.Thomson (1856-1940) and in 1894 the first experiments took place.

Image 11. Waveguide and northern shaft King’s Chamber

Such a waveguide thus has a rectangular cross section (image 11) and the radiation passed through, is, as it were, “locked” due to the size of the waveguide in relation to the wavelength of the respective electromagnetic radiation. In fact, a waveguide is nothing else than a hollow metal pipe with a rectangular cross section, intended for the optimal guiding of radio waves. The largest natural waveguide, which we know, is the space between the Earth and the ionosphere, with a length equal to the circumference of the Earth, for guiding the Schumann frequency of 7.83 hertz. A waveguide in the form of a shell around the Earth.

Such a waveguide can also be found in the resonance chamber of the Great Pyramid. This is the northern shaft that has been sealed on the inside with a thin slab of granite to prevent the gas from escaping to the outside under normal circumstances (image11).

The dimensions of the northern shaft correspond to the waveguide for the passage of radiation having a wavelength of 21 centimeters, or the wavelength of hydrogen gas! The dimensions of the shaft are exactly 21 by 10.5 centimeters or 8 by 4 inches.

When the hydrogen pressure in the resonance chamber became too high, one could in case of an emergency open this over-pressure shaft from the outside of the pyramid by means of a granite ball which fits exactly in this shaft. This granite ball was released in the outer opening of the northern shaft and thus the thin granite slab in the resonance chamber will be broken by the speed and force of impact of the ball and allowed the dangerous excess pressure to be reduced by venting the gas through this shaft. This granite ball was one of the few objects ever found in the Great Pyramid and of which the function has never been clear.

The southern shaft in the resonance chamber has always been open and has a different shape. This shaft was responsible for a low humming sound made by ​​the pyramid and which Herodotus mentioned ​​(the “singing pyramid”). The construction of this shaft looks like an organ pipe and the pressure in the resonance chamber (hydrogen + oxygen) provided the necessary gas flow in this shaft for the creation of sound. The length of the shaft determines the frequency of the transmitted sound. The longer the shaft, the lower the frequency of the sound and the further the sound carried.

The Schumann frequency of 8.1 hertz, the Golden frequency of 16.2 hertz and the wavelength of hydrogen of 21 centimeters are as numbers 81, 162 and 21 brought together in one monument.

No ‘Hall of Records’ which we have been seeking for so long, but a ‘Pyramid of Records’ in which all our sciences underlying the design.

Astronomy (precession, solar year), mathematics (mathematical constants), physics (sound, reverse electrolysis of water), chemistry (redox reactions) and medicine (resonance therapy and 8 hertz field) belong to the legacy left to us.

The Great Pyramid is certainly no grave, no hydrogen plant, power or spiritual initiation centre, but a gift from the gods by means of subtle energy, presented by our own Earth, a quality and responsible technology to reach. A gift from the gods united in one library of knowledge. Gods honor people and it is now up to the people to honour the gods. It is about time to redeem us from dogmas and create a new vision that is based on logic and intuition. Logic through the universal language of numbers and intuition through the universal language of the Earth itself. It is all about sound.

Due to complications during storage and transport, we are not ready for a “hydrogen economy”, but it is time for a new world that will emerge from the legacy of an ancient world based on the ‘voice’ of the Earth. In ancient cultures known as the “Voice of God”. The sound of creation. Hopefully this information will contribute to the perception of a larger group of people.

Willem Witteveen

Image b. Seer of visions




This article is a summary of the book (Dutch title: De Grote Piramide van Gizeh als monument van de schepping).


Images                        © Willem Witteveen

Image 3                        Google Earth

Image 7                        John and Morton Edgar-1910

Image 9                        D. Davidson and H. Aldersmith-1925

Image 10/11                Partly Wikipedia

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10 respuestas a Willem Witteveen – The Great Pyramid of Giza as a monument of creation

  1. Great article. There is no salt present in water vapour however, as it has been distilled. This would make the process predictable because of purity much like the water in a car battery.

  2. 02040133699 dijo:

    I have the emerald tablet of Thoth, it was guarded by Alexander the great’, who is depicted on it in cameo form, his right profile is carved on the beryl of the emerald .he has his eyes shut tight ‘his ears blocked with rams horns, his mouth is tightly closed ‘the classic three monkeys pose. The man hides a secret, I have uncovered that secret, by using bi-focal microscope’ playing harmonic notes’vibrations’and natural sunlight, I then took digital pics and removed them ‘and put them on computer’ where I used the Picasa magnification site ‘which gave me 3000more magnification ‘within one thirty second of a grain of sand,ive found 24 holographic pictures of demi gods of learning from all over the planet in ONE row’,I’ve sent all my findings to author ‘Graham Hancock in Bath England, if you are interested in helping me unlock the book of Thoth, yes with sound’,light.’vibration, frequencies, specific frequencies turn the holographic pages

  3. Pingback: Swastika – Infinity – Alternating Squares and Circles – Speed of Light | Alternative Thinking 37

  4. Si comprobamos la proporción entre los diámetros de los tres planetas Tierra/Venus/Mercurio, el lado de la base de las tres pirámides habría de ser proporcional a sus diámetros en km. Es decir, a 12.742/12.104/4.879.
    Como la base de la Gran Pirámide de Keops (Khufu) es de 440 codos reales (cr), la proporción entre la Gran Pirámide y las pirámides de Kefrén (Khafra) y Micerino (Menkaure) sería: Keops/Kefrén/Micerino = 440/418/169.
    La Pirámide de Kefrén tiene una base que puede oscilar entre 411 y 414 cr. Pero la Pirámide de Micerino mide entre 195 y 201 cr, según las fuentes.
    Por tanto, la importante desviación en la medida de la Pirámide de Micerino obliga a descartar esta sugerente teoría. Y tampoco Marte encaja en este esquema, ya que la Pirámide de Micerino habría de haber medido del orden de 235 cr.
    En cuanto a la datación de la Gran Pirámide, los canales estelares permiten establecer su periodo de construcción entre -2547 y -2530. Véase, al respecto:
    http://www.antiguoegiptoxxi.com, y especialmente el apartado “La Gran Pirámide y el tiempo”.

  5. Den Poitras dijo:

    Brilliant work! You didn’t leave out anything, to my knowledge of the great pyramid, or anyone else’s for that matter. Also, pointing out that we need not search for the so-called “Hall of Records” but, instead, to simply acknowledge the mathematical and engineering genius of the Giza pyramid complex makes perfect sense and is a great relief. I also totally endorse what you said about the Giza Pyramid as being “no grave, no hydrogen plant, or no power or spiritual initiation center”, and that it is “but a gift from the gods by means of subtle energy, presented by our own Earth”.
    I am moved beyond words and will be for a very long time. I hope the world will catch up with what you have unearthed and it will catch fire! Thank you for your hard work!

  6. Roy Baranes dijo:

    Thank you for your enlightening article! Respectfully, I would like to ask a question. Built as a monument to knowledge, it was indeed then a functioning monument, therefore it must have produced some energy nonetheless. My question is: How was that kind of energy harnessed (to be able to employ it)?

  7. David White dijo:

    There are two major problems with this theory (along with several minor ones).

    One is that the “air shafts” in the Queen’s Chamber were never designed to be in use; they were completely sealed off when originally built, and were not opened until 1872 when engineer Waynman Dixon discovered them and chiseled them open (link below). The second major problem is that the King’s Chamber had a granite plug installed in its only accessible opening from the inside (in a method that is still under investigation), and was thus also unavailable for use in any kind of ventilation or pressure system.

    Some of the many minor issues with this theory is that the empty sarcophagus in the King’s Chamber originally rested in the center of the room, not off to the west as it is in modern times, and would thus have interfered with any standing waves. And the connection between the extant sacred grotto and the rough vertical shaft rising from it and exiting into the Grand Gallery was also sealed off, by means of a stone slab in the Gallery. This all pales in comparison to the overriding issue that the masonry in the Grand Gallery and the two main Chambers were never designed to be air tight or even water tight. They would have leaked like sieves if anyone had tried to pump water in them or use them as pressure vessels.

    What I believe is the Pyramid’s primary purpose is that of a learning tool: it contains hidden access points and as-yet undiscovered rooms that were left for us to figure out when we reached a level of understanding approaching those of the Ancients who designed and built it.



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